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African Slaves

Slavery In The North
Slavery In The North

Slavery History Small
End Of Slavery
End Of Slavery

Slavery In America Timeline Small
End Of Slavery In America
End Of Slavery In America

When Did Slavery Start Small

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Slavery Information
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Niles says:

FUCK AMERICA, DEMOCRACY & THE CONSTITUTION R A JOKE. FUCK England and cecil rhodes & the rhodes scholarship too. He and king leopold of Belgium butched, and cut off the arms and limbs of millions of Africans in their own land. Fuck u white racist bastards.

ndah ibrahim says:

i will like to make the world to the understand that the white were not wicked and hard to the the africans.The just came to look for labourers who could work in their plantation in europe but when they came to africa our fore fathers were very foolish,stupid ,idiotic,nonchanant and mayopic in reasoning that is why they had to sell their brothers,sister fathers mothers and children in slavery.NO BODY SHOULD BLAIM THE WHITE FOR INTRODUCING SLAVERY IN AFRICA BECAUSE IT WAS CAUSE BY THE AFRICAN KINGS AND CHIEFS.

ibrahim says:

the so call white were just being lazy.

James Balatkaari says:

Me hoo Balatkaarrriiiii

Bob Mckinley says:

Mera Naam Bob hai, Mai apko mupe ake jaapar lagana hai Saala,

Anastasia Eva says:

see how the soul call whites maltreated our for fathers during the slave trade. they had already taken almost 15millions of africans before God had touch some americans heart. before they think of abolishing slave trade. the worse is that they took but the active sex groups who would have carried out meaningful development in africa. some historians said; americans are what today becaus of africans. In essence,africans need to be compensated for that.

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